Eastern Appalachian Teen Challenge

Transforming a Generation of Girls...


Jessie…she’s a beautiful sixteen year old from a good family with high standards and morals. On the outside all is well, but in secret Jessie has developed a serious eating disorder in an effort to fit in. 


Bekka, she’s a depressed fifteen year old from a rural neighborhood and she ingests pain medication in an effort to ease her sadness over a broken relationship with her father. 


Kelly…she’s a sweet fourteen year old who has been secretly and purposely cutting her arms on a daily basis to help overcome the emptiness she longs to be free from. 


Does this situation sound familiar?

Could this be your son or daughter?

Are you worried they are experiencing a life controlling problem that is out of control?


It has been said that everyone on Earth needs at least one person that is crazy about them and here at Eastern Appalachian Teen Challenge we want to introduce your son or daughter to the one person that absolutely adores them…God! Our mission is to reconcile individuals experiencing life controlling problems back into a loving relationship with God, where freedom and healing can take place for both the individual and their family. There is hope!

Teen Challenge is for you!

An opportunity for your daughter to experience lasting change!

Encountering Christ


Our first most important mission here at EATC is to help nurture girls to experience an authentic relationship with God through Jesus Christ for themselves. This is the foundation for all other changes in esteem, beliefs, attitudes and ultimately behavior. We will present biblical solutions for the whole person and train students in practical life skills to manage their emotions, relationships, and choices.  

 Eastern Appalachian Teen Challenge for Adolescent Girls takes a holistic Christ centered approach to helping young girls, ages 12 to 17, exhibiting at risk behaviors. 

Set Apart in the Blue Ridge Mountains


Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, EATC's student to staff ration is small enough to give your daughter the one on one help she needs.  

Dormitory style quarters with trained background checked residential staff in place to minister to your daughters needs. 

Program Tenure:  12 to 15 months

Private Academic Setting


As a private school with the state of Virginia, your daughter will continue her academic training in a quiet private classroom on campus equipped with residential staff who will work as her tutors.  She will receive a full transcript that falls in line with Virginia standards. 

 Our education team will tailor a specialized education plan specifically for your daughter and her academic needs and she will be taught at her ability level with small group and one on one instruction allowing her to experience success and progress.

A Safe Haven


Free from cell phones, social media and internet access your daughter will experience a safe haven in order to be restored and get back on track. 

Family Restoration


With family privileges in place that include mail, phone calls and visitation, one of our goals

is to see your relationship with your daughter restored.

Extra-Curricular Activities


Students will take part in regular community service learning to serve others, as well as take part in regular physical education.  They will build strong work ethics and have regular recreational activities in our local community.


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