Appalachian Teen Challenge

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Teen Challenge Appalachian Region provides the applicant with the option of enrolling either into our short term program or our long term program. Our short term program is 30 days in duration and our long-term program is another 11 months in duration once the student has completed the short term program.

Level 1, our short term 30 day induction program, is designed to provide a safe, disciplined, and regimented environment while the student recovers from the physical effects of their addiction to controlled substances. It should be noted that we are not a medical facility; therefore, we highly recommend that before coming here, the applicant receive detoxification at a medical facility if he/she feels the need to do so.

We believe that helping an individual get off drugs and/or alcohol is just the beginning of complete rehabilitation. Staying off drugs and/or alcohol is the ultimate goal of rehabilitation, which is why we strongly recommend that the student continue into the next phase of our program once they have completed the 30 day induction phase. Levels 2&3 offer intense Christian discipleship training in a disciplined and regimented environment, using biblically based topical studies. The goal of the program is to teach the student how to function normally as a Christian in society, using biblical principles.

The Program Director and his staff will determine the student’s acceptance into Levels 2&3 based on their cooperation while they participated in the induction phase of the program.